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Year 7

A new phase in your life is about to start! You are now entering middle school where you will make new friends, meet new people, new books, new resources, new subjects, a bigger number of teachers, you will also have your own locker, diary and a more structured a time table!

This year you will have 12 subjects in total, therefore you must be more organised and manage your time in a better way.

If by any chance you feel unhappy or confused, or finding it difficult to settle down in this new journey, you should look for help immediately. You should speak with your parents/guardians, a teacher you trust or the assistant head or head of your new school.

You must remember that you can find all the support necessary during this new journey. You can communicate with a trusted teacher of your choice who will lead you to the guidance teachers. If you need further support, the guidance teacher can refer you to the educational psychosocial team of the college, which consists of different professionals such as the counsellor, career advisor, social worker or an educational psychologist.

We would also like to let you know that if you are facing any kind of difficulties in your life which are not related to your studies, for example, peer pressure, bullying, relationships at home, or problems with friends, do not hesitate to seek help or advice from professionals that work in your school and who are there to help you. This can be done through your guidance teachers’ office who are always there for your assistance.

A new syllabus based upon learning outcomes will be introduced in all subjects in primary Year 7 (Form 1). Teaching and learning will be more student centred, with activities being set up in class for children to achieve the learning outcomes set in the year programme. The Half-Yearly examinations are being replaced by continuous assessment that will take place during the scholastic year. Parents/guardians and students will receive feedback about the achievement of the student at the end of each term together with the assessment mark. Parents/guardians and students will also receive an end-of-year Annual mark, which will consist of the continuous assessment carried throughout the year and the Annual examination mark. The Learning Outcomes Programme is available

You will start learning a foreign language of your choice in addition to the Maltese and English languages. You will have a taste of Design & Technology (including Graphical Communications), Home Economics, Arts and Music. You will also have ICT lessons, in the school computer laboratories. Some of the students have chosen a more intense programme in Physical Education, and this programme will start for the first time in Year 7.

We would also like to encourage you to get into extracurricular activities available for you in your school!

The next scholastic year will commence on the 26th of September. The mid-term holidays will be between the 1st and the 5th November. Christmas holidays will start on the 24th of December and school will start the second term on the 7th January.

Carnival holidays will be on the 4th and 5th March whilst the Easter holidays will begin on the 17th April until the 25th.

Annual exams will take place between the 12th June and the 28th June 2019.

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